The Game is On

The following people are the donors to the Universal Pictorial Language (Phase One). Soon i will be linking each name to the donor's preferred website so that they may gain additional recognition for what they do. But for now let us admire them! THANK YOUUUUU!


Aaron Yashinsky

Alan Peterson

Alison Rushing

Ben Jacob

Blaire Knight-Graves

Bob Holman

Brian Camozzi

Catherine Wagner

Chris Fraser

Christina Yglesias

Danielle Peterson

Donald Day

Erin Cooper

Grayson Richardson

Hung Liu & Jeff Kelley

inara Tabir

Jackie Reuling

James Hasbrouck

Jeff Batdorf

Jennifer Breen

Jessica Chappell

Jocelyn Meggait

Kelsey Thorne

Layla Otey

Leigh Burgess

Lia Pellegrini Davies

Libby Maynard

Maija Beeton

Mary-Ann Milford

Maryellen Herringer

Matthew Gottschalk

Megan O'Lanen

Mia Bella D'Augelli

Michael Koehle

Pamela Peterson

Patricia Wallace

Rima Greer

Robin Conway

Scott Oliver

Shannon Southward

Simon Pyle

Stephany Campos

Tamra Seal

The Queendahls

Veva J. Edelson

#37, Takes. Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Shorebird Loop. (Abandonment cont inues, huzzah!).

#37, Takes. Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Shorebird Loop. (Abandonment continues, huzzah!).

This blog hasn't been updated in a while for a bevy of reasons: a residency that took ages to get rolling, a fundraiser that was nuts, a lack of money and no work to be found, carpal tunnel syndrome, holidays, head colds and packing cars full o' art and stuff. Plus i still don't have an "i" key on my computer. Annnnnddd there's a hole in my silkscreen.

When it rains, it pours, right?

Nevertheless, i am back at it! i have several goals for the next month i wish to share with you all, excluding the obvious (looking for work and helping with Redwood Planet Media).

  1. Ensure my Hatchfund donations get to me.
  2. Email $10 and $25 dollar donors about their digi-reward.
  3. Update website with current glyph database and Bulletin Board capabilities. Be prepared for the entire Swadesh list.
  4. Email all donors at $50 or higher level what they need to know for their prints.
  5. Arrange to print at the Eureka Print Alliance.
  6. Buy supplies for the rest of my perks.
  7. Print perks and dictionary thus far.
  8. Arrange with the ink people to have a weekly venue for UPL, and a spot at Arts Alive!
  9. Arrange with Old Town Coffee & Chocolates for UPL debates, bimonthy or monthly.
  10. Create blog rss feed for http://conlang.wikia.com/, send rss link to http://aggregator.conlang.org/
  11. Apply to at least 5 funding opportunities.