The Ink'll Set You Free...

The Ink Annex, the community arts center through which I have been getting my printing all in order has been having a few... mishaps. First it was the sink (my fault), now it is the refrigerator (its fault). All the emulsion has been uncooled for days, and we needed to get a new fridge. But, since I have plenty of funds available thanks to all my fab donors (that means you), I was able to buy one today and get this train back on track! This hopefully will give me enough time to create a print of the current UPL vocabulary to show during the SGCI Studio Roulette when it hits up Kala Art Institute on March 28th: https://www.facebook.com/events/560209470716877/

I'll keep you all in the loop, and invite you over to my blog to add your two cents to the debate over the glyph for "WE:" https://katywarner.squarespace.com/debate-central/2014/1/22/words-of-the-week-we-me-you-yall

-Katy Warner

Anarchists and Glyphs

Greetings All!

I thank all of you who helped me with my fundraiser while I was in Berkeley and Oakland last month. From submitting drawings, debating with me at my table, or just spreading the word, every little bit was important. I successfully learned screen printing, but I could not afford to, nor logistically design, 200 glyphs in those two months. That was impossibly ambitious, I know. But none of this was in vain! I now can afford to move forward, first on perk fulfillment for my great donors, and then the printing of a basic Universal Pictorial Language dictionary.


I have now settled down into my new adoptive studio space, the Ink Annex in Eureka, California, USA. Here in Eureka the hair is a little bit longer, the stores open a little bit later (10am - 6pm), and the art is a whole lot weirder. Like it should be. Although... since I have this weird compulsion to "reorganize" other people's stuff, the print lab might not be too safe in my presence.

Here in Humboldt I will be meeting twice monthly (maybe more!) with the people of Humboldt to continue designing glyphs. My first meeting to introduce this project will be from 5:30 - 7:00 pm on February 20th at the Ink People offices in Downtown Eureka. More info soon on what our goals will be (I'm thinking grammar debate - can't have a language without grammar!).

Now, most of you don't live in the state of Jefferson / the Emerald Triangle / the Redwood Coast / whatever term is popular now. You can still participate! This week I begin the "Glyph of the Week" submission system. Head over to my latest blog post on the word WE here, and let me know what you like or dislike about my placeholder glyph. And, feel free to design your own. How would you draw the word WE so that as many people as possible could understand? If you don't have a digital drawing program, a camera, or a webcam to photograph your own drawings, email me at deathundothee@yahoo.com and we can arrange something - there are several options online.

Please check out all the new sections on my website I have created for public debate, and stay tuned as I start making more prints for sale.


Take care,
Katy Warner