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The piece I left at McWay falls has been taken. Here is the response:

 #7, "S-in." McWay Falls, Big Sur.

 #7, "S-in." McWay Falls, Big Sur.

Hey Katy,
I´m Friedrich and I took your picture 5 – in. I´m an exchange student from Germany and I stay for one semester in the near of L.A. . The last weekend was our first free weekend and so my roommates and I decided to go to a roadtrip to San Francisco. Certainly we traveled trough Pacific Highway No. 1 and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. One of our stops was Mc Way Waterfall. I saw your picture on a bench and read your paper. I liked and like it very much and I decided to take it. There are many main reasons. The first reason is the beauty of the painting. The second your nice idea for giving away your art. The third the painting will be a memento for a great trip to San Francisco and my semester abroad in the USA. Fourth I knew from the first moment on where I will place this painting. Next year I will renovate a room in my apartment. It will be painted in red and green, because they are complementary colors. On the Green Wall will hang your painting. I hope you like that idea. I will send you a picture for sure. The Last reason is that I currently read a book about numbers and it contained the statement that the number seven is good. Sounds crazy, but as I saw that this is piece 7 of 42 I thought – maybe it is fortune. Because of this 5 reasons I took 5 – in ( oh numbers again ) Thank you very much for it! I appreciate you work a lot! I have two three questions concerning the painting. Are all paintings in the same style and did you give them away like you did it with piece number 7 ? How long was the painting laying on the bench? I took it on 08/31/2013 at 2 pm. Unfortunately I´m not very gifted concerning art that is why I can´t give you something back. But If you ever come to Germany feel free to contact me, visit me and you will always have the opportunity to by my guest if you need a place to stay overnight.
Thank you very much for making my trip a lot more awesome and for giving me that present! It delighted my day and will delight it often as I walk by it at my home. Maybe I will have the chance to make another person sometime a present like this, too.
Best wishes
#35, "Of-Undertow." Moonstone Beach, Trinidad.

#35, "Of-Undertow." Moonstone Beach, Trinidad.

And, one more abandonment. Sore feet and nosebleeds impede my progress. 


I interview with a local community gallery next Tuesday in the hopes of getting assistance on the UPL. Wish me luck!