The, Ink People, Is...

 #19, "The." Arcata Marsh near oxidation ponds.

 #19, "The." Arcata Marsh near oxidation ponds.

Another piece has been found, this time I recieved a text message response:

Good morning. I found a picture about a week or so back and forgive me for not messaging you sooner. Its name is "is" it reminds me of a forboding dream I had And it looked like a gate way sitting there where I found it. My name is Stephen and the big "S" on the front made it most inviting to pick up. Thank you for the Picture I will frame it as soon as I am able. Hell I might just frame it myself. I do like to make things. Perhaps refined bone border frame will pay it justice.

I also abandoned "The" in the Arcata Marsh this week. You'll start seeing more and more pieces there as my work with the non-profit Redwood Planet Media kicks off. We're kinda making a movie 'bout the marsh, you see.

And in some excellent news The Ink People have been gracious enough to accept me into their DreamMaker Programs, through which I will develop my Universal Pictorial Language project into a community arts program here in Humboldt. Stay tuned (linked?) as I begin to flesh out this crazy endeavor.